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About Us

FUTURE GALLERY founded in 2017 by EuGene V Byrd III to mount meaningful exhibitions by Contemporary Visual Artists. The Atlanta gallery’s program focuses on concepts such as representation, authorship, identity, and expression across a wide-range of media. EuGene’s unique relationship with artists allows it to present museum-quality exhibitions both on the primary and secondary markets, creating a dialogue between the generations.


The First gallery was located within a fire station at a former confederate military base, Historic Fort Mac in East Point, GA. 2021 the gallery re-location to Downtown Atlanta at Historic Underground Atlanta. Every month we re-write history in these Southern locations with troubled pasts.

You adding to the table?

We're actively looking for sponsors, partners and individuals that can help take us to the next level.  And I'm not necessary talking about artists, need more business savvy individuals with a love of the arts. Email and Introduce yourself:




FUTURE GALLERY is 100% Self-funded. Please consider making a donation to help us continue serving our community.

Thank you for your donation!

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